raised in nashville


“The formula is simple yet powerful. Two voices, one microphone, one guitar.”

It could have been any other Wednesday, in any other bar in New York City, but unbeknownst to Alice Beatty and Cameron Potts, a chance encounter in a downtown Manhattan venue would lead to the formation of The Winnie Blues.   

Both originally from Australia, but having never crossed paths there, they met briefly at a gig at Rockwood Music Hall in 2016. They bonded over a beer and then never saw each other in New York City again. Fast forward 8 months to a local dive bar in Nashville, Tennessee and the two reunited, discussing music and shooting the shit. A plan was made to write one song together. Then another, and then another. Until finally, they needed to form a project together.   

The Winnie Blues draw on inspiration from some of the most influential duo’s in music history. From Johnny & June, to Nick & Kylie, and Emmylou & Graham to place their unique stamp on the Americana music scene. The formula is simple yet powerful. Two voices, one microphone, one guitar.   

When The Winnie Blues step on to the stage they bring with them a mix of established artistry and raw sincerity. Having toured for some 12 years, Potts established himself through his work with Oxford & Co. and Dead Letter Chorus, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience. This project sees a return to the authentic, dark and dynamic side of his esteemed song-writing. Beatty carries with her a youthful ambition and a voice that is so unique and honest, you’d be forgiven for thinking she herself had years of world class touring under her belt.    

Planting themselves firmly in the East Nashville music scene, The Winnie Blues are set to tour extensively through the remainder of 2017, with the goal of frequently releasing new music whilst winning over fans across the nation.    

For all media enquiries, info at thewinnieblues.com